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Would ya look at that?

As we’re still waiting for everything to green up here in north central Illinois, we got this pic from an ecstatic customer in North Carolina.


He operates a turf company and has applied SP-1, calcium-boron, and fulvic acid.


Notice the difference between the treated lawn (right) compared to the neighbor’s untreated lawn (left). This is with only one application. He plans on doing 2 more applications through the summer and fall. Can you imagine how green and luscious it’ll look then? He’s been at this for 12 years and works on both residential and commercial properties.

Until then, we’ll be daydreaming of barbecuing on that beautiful, luscious, green grass until our grass greens up here in Illinois.

In the meantime, we can help you achieve your best turf yet. Give us a call at 815-872-1190. We’d love to set up a fertility program based on your specific needs!


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