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Weather Wednesday 10/26/16

Harvest continues to roll along here in Bureau County. There’s light at the end of the tunnel! If the weather cooperates throughout the next week, most guys should be nearing the end.

Here’s a look at what our guys are seeing in the field:

Gary Campbell: Much of Western Ohio received 2 inches of rain last Thursday, so just getting rolling again. Corn yields are in the 170-200 bushel range, and beans 50-70, depending on severity of the summer drought and August storm damage. Still waiting on double-crop beans to mature, but most should do well. The warm temps and moisture has been perfect for Residuce® applications, residue recycling and cover crops are off to a great start!

Mike Wyatt: We are having ideal weather for fall harvest in Nebraska. Day time temps are in the upper 60’s and the nights are in the low 30’s. No rain and no rain forecasted. Harvest for the remaining fall crops is progressing rapidly. Dry land corn yields cover a range from 80 to 130 bushel per acre. Irrigated corn yields are 200 to 250 bushel per acre. Popcorn yielding around 5500 lbs per acre. Sugar beets are close to 40 tons per acre, no report on sugar content.

Galen Nissley (Honeyville): Most farmers have switched to beans in Northern Indiana. We have a lot of heavy soil in this area, so moisture has been an issue. The temperature has been in the 40’s and today is cold, rainy, and windy. We have a couple nicer days predicted so farmers will be able to continue with harvest.

Tom Adams (Maraseed Inc.): The weather is very cool in New York, 40’s and 50’s. We got 1.5 inches of rain last week, which was much needed. Some guys are starting to combine corn and soybeans. Silage and hay is done. It’ll be a couple weeks before harvest is done.

Eric Johnston: Farmers made progress getting the crops harvested in North Central Illinois this past week. A customer’s soybeans made over 90 bushels/acre. He said he had never seen the yield monitor go above 100 so many times harvesting soybeans. Our Residuce® and some of our foliar products were applied on that particular field.

And with that, here’s to another week of harvest.

New to Daily Dirt? We’d love to help you weatherproof your soils. Comment below with where you’re from and we’ll get you in contact with the right person!

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Upcoming Field Days

If your summer has gotten away from you and you haven’t had a chance to connect with us at a field day, there’s still a few more opportunities – August 25 in Spalding, Nebraska or August 31 in Sterling, Ohio.

Whether you’re interested in organic row crops or organic dairy, there’s bound to be something for everyone:

shadow seeding popcorn

You’ll get to see fields such as this popcorn field at Glaser’s.

  • Glaser Farm Field Day – Join Jerry and Cindy Glaser at their farm, 50206 820th St., Spalding, Nebraska, for a day filled with networking and education from 10:30am-3:00pm on Thursday, August 25. The Glaser’s farm 750 irrigated organic crop acres and pasture to support 400 cow/calf pairs and organic grass-finished beef. They manage a rotation program incorporating popcorn, corn, beans, small grains, forages, and alfalfa grass mixes. The husband-wife team will share why they do what they do through guided field tours of several of their fields. Please RSVP to AgriEnergy Resources 815-872-1190.
  • Organic Valley Field Day – Hosted by the Scott Stoller family of Sterling, Ohio, theOrganic Valley Field Day will take a closer look into how one Organic Valley member is meeting the demands for organic milk, grain, and forages. Scott has been a
    Scott Stoler

    Scott Stoller’s organic dairy farm.

    member of Organic Valley for several years, producing organic milk, corn, alfalfa, clover, wheat sorghum sudan, and pasture. Tour his farm and learn what it takes to produce high quality organic milk from 9:30am-3:30pm Wednesday, August 31 at Scott Stoller’s farm, 10451 Eby Road, Sterling, Ohio. Please RSVP to John Daniel Schlabach 330-683-7321 or 330-465-1794 by August 24.


Hope to see you at one or both of these upcoming field days!

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