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Organic Field Day @ Stoller Dairy

Still trying to figure out weed control? Have questions about organic corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and/or sorghum? Want to learn more about soil health? Then you are not going to want to miss this upcoming organic field day on Thursday, September 6 from 9am-4pm at Stoller Organic Dairy Farm LLC, 10451 Eby Road, Sterling, Ohio. 

The Stoller family have been Organic Valley members for years and are excited to share how they manage their cows, pastures, crops, and rotations. Currently, they’re milking 180 cows and grow organic corn, soybeans, wheat, rye, as well as pasture, alfalfa, and clover. Guests will be able to check out their crops, along with their extensive organic corn & fertility plots. They also will be displaying equipment they use for weed control – harrows, rotary hoes, cultivators, Einbock tine weeder, and an optic guidance cultivator.

Gary Campbell will be discussing how effective weed control begins in the soil and will be offering various programs to help manage your weeds. He’ll be joining other speakers from the Stoller Family, Doebler Hybrids, Blue River Hybrids, Fowler Seed marketing, Masters Choice Hybrids, Jabb of the Carolina, Organic Valley, and JDS Seeds.

For more information or to RSVP (by August 31), contact John Daniel Schlabach (JDS Seeds) at 330.683.7321 or 330.465.1794. A barbecue chicken lunch will be served at noon.

Hope to see you there!

*Can’t make this event? That’s OK! Come to the organic field day on Tuesday, September 4 from 9:30am-3:30pm at the Johnny Byler Family Farm at 5544 Mansfield Adario Road, Greenwich, Ohio. The same topics will be discussed, except Reggie Destree (organic consultant) will be speaking. Contact John Daniel Schlabach to RSVP.




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Meeting with JDS Seeds

Here is another opportunity to learn about soil biology, among several other topics, at an upcoming meeting hosted by JDS Seeds in Orrville, Ohio. Reservations were due by Friday, November 24, but have now been extended through Monday, November 27. See below for agenda and meeting info.

JDS Seeds Meeting

RSVP’s may be directed to John at 330-465-1794 or Joseph at 330-749-2825.

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Cilantro, Carrots, Melons & More

This is has been quite an exciting week in the Sanden Garden. We’re starting to see everything pop through except the cucumbers. I’m starting to fear those little things won’t be coming up this year. Anyways, check out what we’ve got growing this week!

Next week, I’ll share what we’re seeing in our radishes, beets, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, and zucchini. Tune in!

P.S. I ended up applying SP-1™ to that one rose bush last week. We’ll see what happens!

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Complete Cordele, GA Agenda posted

cordele-frontFor those of you waiting on the edge of your seats, here is the complete agenda for our meeting in Cordele, GA on January 5. We have a jam packed day! And it all begins at 9:00 am with a welcome from our dealer and meeting organizer, Mark Egan.

Here’s a look at the rest of the agenda:

  • Carbon: The Essence of Soil Fertility – Dean Craine, AgriEnergy Resources 
    • After 25+ years of farming biologically and working with farmers throughout the country, Dean Craine, General Manager at AgriEnergy Resources, understands the importance of building a firm foundation by balancing soil minerals. He also knows that soil microbes have very important jobs on the farm; and that farmers must pay this microscopic work force with ample food and a safe working environment. Dean will show proof that by renewing your focus on wise carbon management, you can reduce your purchased N-P-K inputs, boost your soil organic matter and CEC, and increase the value of your farmland. Not to mention managing for carbon builds healthy soils that resist erosion, pests, and weather extremes. And, better, yet, he’ll tell you how to do it.
  • Soil Microbials – Putting Them to Work for You – Dean Craine, AgriEnergy Resources
    • Dean Craine will take you down the road of organic and biological farming. He’ll show you how improving your soil with SP-1™, Myco Seed Treat® (Mycorrhizal Fungi), and Residuce® can help benefit your bottom line!
  • Seaweed for Heat Stress Tolerance – Greg Cosman, Ocean Organics Corp.
    • It’s been shown through field observations and research that applications of seaweed extract to plants enhance their ability to tolerate heat, drought, and salinity stress. Greg Cosman of Ocean Organics Corp., will share how seaweed extracts can help mitigate weather stresses.
  • Chilean Nitrate – Sam Carruth, SQM
    • Sam Carruth, Global Organic Product Manager for SQM North America, will share his knowledge on Allganic® Nitrogen. Originating from Northern Chile, Allganic Nitrogen contains 16% nitrate nitrogen. It is a non-synthetic mineral source and has been known to alleviate weather stressors on a variety of crops.
  • Cover Crop Seed – Burton Heatwole, Petcher Seeds
    • There are so many opportunities to improve the biology in your soils, no matter the crops. One way, being cover crops. But which cover crop to choose? Farmer and representative for Petcher Seeds, of Alabama, Burton Heatwole, will share what he’s seen work the best in southern climates.
  • Using Cover Crops in Row Crop Production – Jonathan Yoder, Farmer
    • Using cover crops in row crop production is one tool we like to have in our toolbox. When done properly, high yields can ensue. Organic farmer, Jonathan Yoder, will share tips on incorporating cover crops and green manure crops into your operation.
  • Benefits of Compost – Mike Wyatt, AgriEnergy Resources and Chad Heard, Farmer
    • Sometimes, cover crops simply aren’t in the farm budget. That’s okay! Consider compost as a substitute. Our representative, Mike Wyatt, along with farmer Chad Heard will share how to recognize high quality, humified compost. High quality compost often times yields the same benefits of a green manure crop.
  • Turning Beach Sand Black in a P. Peanut Field – Josh Boan, JB Ag LLC
    • Fertility is carbon, and carbon is black, and black is money. Hear how our dealer, Josh Boan of Florida, turned his white, sandy soil into sticky, black, fertile soil, and how that’s impacted his crop enterprise.
  • Organic Produce & Citrus – Buddy Allen, Farmer
    • Growing produce and citrus in Florida definitely has its challenges, but Buddy Allen, a produce equipment building virtuoso, will share how to best combat those challenges and the rewards that follow.
  • Organic Pesticide Product Review – Mark Egan, AgriEnergy Resources
    • Disease and insects can take out an entire crop in the blink of an eye. Learn which pesticides can be used in organic farming. Our representative, Mark Egan, will share tips on how to get the most out of your pesticide applications.
  • Crop Protection, Naturally – Dr. David Shapiro-Ilan, Research Entomologist, USDA-ARS
    •  Each year has its ups and downs. Learn to combat challenges with ease, no matter the situation. We’ll explore programs that focus on microbial biocontrol agents.
  • Panel Q&A Session – Dean Craine, Jonathan Yoder, Josh Boan, Buddy Allen, Chad Heard, (moderated by Mark Egan)
    • Farming is not for the faint of heart! Bring all your unanswered questions and hopefully our panel of long time farmers and agronomists can help.

If any of this caught your eye, there are still seats open. Reserve yours by December 21 by calling us at 815-872-1190 or

And for those of you coming from out of town, we have a block of rooms reserved for $109/night at the resort. Call 800-459-1230 and reference AgriEnergy Resources and group#272235 to get the discounted price.

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2016-2017 Winter “Plot” Tour

By now, most of you should have received our postcard detailing our Winter “Plot” Tour. If you haven’t please let us know so we can get you on our mailing list. In the meantime, we put together this exciting digital invite.

As Henry Rollins once said, “In winter, I PLOT and plan. In spring, I move.” We are so excited to plot and plan with you this winter season. Reserve your spot today by calling 815-872-1190 or

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Biological Farming Seminar: Organic & Conventional Products for Plant Protection

Compared to just 5 years ago, modern-day plant protection is off the charts with exciting new advances. Especially for Lance Beem of Beem Agro-Sciences & Beem Consulting. After eating what appeared to be a harmless watermelon that nearly killed him, Beem knew something had to change in terms of plant protection. With over 36 years of experience in the plant protection industry, he is intimately familiar with synthetic chemistry.


Through Beem Consulting, Lance Beem offers consulting and contract research focused on the development of new pesticides, fertilizers, natural products, and safe compounds.

Today, he combines clean and safe compounds that ward off pests and diseases in all crops. His focus is to integrate conventional and non-conventional plant regulation, nutrition, and pest management practices for large and small farmers. His new discoveries of natural biological complexes have lead to greater crop yields and sustainable soil health. In fact, an independent research study shows the use of his product, ISO, has increased yields on the following crops:

  • Cantaloupe 23%
  • Blueberry 41%
  • Cotton 13%
  • Corn 26%
  • Alfalfa 20%
  • Soybeans are still growing. No yield numbers yet, but there are 3 times the amount of root nodules.

Learn what other advances Beem has made in modern-day plant protection during our Biological Farming Seminar & Field Day from 9:00am-5:00pm Thursday, September 8 at Wise Guys Bar & Grill, 2205 N. Main St., Princeton, Illinois. Reserve your spot by calling 815-872-1190 or A complimentary lunch will be provided for those who RSVP by August 31st.

Tune in tomorrow as we dig into soil microbiology!

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