Welcome Alan Dale & Dave Visser

Have you heard? We’ve added 2 new folks to our sales team! We’re so excited to welcome Alan Dale and Dave Visser to the AgriEnergy family.

They both come to us with extensive qualifications in both sales and agronomy.


Alan Dale

Alan Dale, of Walnut, IL, continues to operate a grain and livestock farm and a compost operation, along with his daughter, son-in-law, and son. At AgriEnergy Resources, he looks forward to taking a broader look at U.S. agriculture and improving soil health of current and future customers in SD, IA, and MO. When not consulting on fertility solutions or helping out on the farm, he enjoys collecting toy tractors, both 1/16 scale and pedal tractors, as well as spending time with his family.


Dave Visser

Dave Visser, of Hamilton, MI, previously worked at The Andersons out of Maumee, OH in their Plant Nutrient Group selling specialty products and has sold liquid calcium, potassium, and specialty liquid fertilizer for New Eezy Grow out of Carey, OH. He looks forward to servicing the needs of current and future customers in MI, PA, NJ, CT, RI, MA, NH, ME, VT, and NY. When not selling fertilizer products, he can be found hanging out with his family enjoying activities such as running, biking, kayaking, and home gardening.

We can’t wait to see how these guys advise you in all your future fertility needs. To set up a free consultation with Alan or Dave, call 815.872.1190.

Be sure to introduce yourselves if you see them out and about!

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Next Year starts NOW!

I’m sure many of you are reading this in the combine. And that’s okay! What you do this fall “sets the table” for success in 2017, and we can help you set the table with both products and discounts!

15% Cash Discount* on all Dramm Fish products
10% Cash Discount* on all other AgriEnergy products**

With years and years of experience, we can help you figure out several timely issues on your farm:

  • Residue Management
  • Fall Seeding
  • Fertility for Fall Crops
  • Cover Crops
  • Preparing Forages and other Perennials for dormancy
  • Soil Testing

And, be sure to ask us specifically about the benefits of our biologicals in the fall:

  • Residuce®
  • SP-1™
  • Myco Seed Treat®

There’s still time to set the table for 2017! 

*Cash Discount applies to product delivered by November 1, and paid for within 10 days of invoice receipt
**Discount does NOT apply to commodities or pesticides

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Buyers to offer premium price on transitional grains

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on our Ground Work, but we received such positive feedback we thought we’d share it on our blog too. 

Organic sales have been steadily increasing since 2006, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. Today’s consumer demands organic products, and we’re here to help farmers fulfill those demands efficiently.

Today 5,300 farmers plan to increase their organic production and 170,000 acres are currently being transitioned to organic production, according to the Organic Production Survey by NASS. Of those 170,000 acres, our customers are responsible for a large percentage.


Many are transitioning only part of their acres, with long-term goals of transitioning all their acres within 5 years. Take this first-year transition soybean field, for instance. The farmer has been using our Residuce® O on 150 acres. With minimal weed pressure, the soybeans look phenomenal. This particular farmer plans on transitioning the remaining 850 acres in the next 4 years.

While it can be nerve-wracking navigating the transition years with lots of expenses and little income, many well-known buyers have started offering premiums for transitional organic grains. Lately that’s been the biggest concern – how can I make it through the 3-year transition period financially? Well this could help!

Currently 3 buyers are offering premiums for transitional grain:

  • Stonebridge LTD – Stonbebridge is looking for 3,000+ Midwest transition soybean acres. Premiums available at $4 over CBOT/clean weight.
  • Grain Millers – Grain Millers is looking for transitional oats, hard red spring wheat, and hard red winter wheat.
  • Clarkson Grain – Clarkson Grain is looking for certified transitional corn, soybeans, wheat, and dry beans.


  • Tim Daley, Stonebridge, 319-277-4277
  • Lykke Westgren, Grain Millers transitional oats, 952-983-1299
  • Jessie VanderPoel, Grain Millers transitional hard red wheat, 952-983-1277
  • George Kalogridis, Clarkson Grain, 217-763-0089

Or your AgriEnergy Resources rep at 815-872-1190!

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Emmer wheat

Summer. It’s a wonderful time of year. A time for BBQ’s, ice cold watermelon, and lemonade shake-ups. It’s also the time of year to work on those tan lines (and those muscles) on the back of a hay rack, and for some it’s a time to experiment with new crops. Crops such as emmer wheat and 4010 forage peas.

Some of you may remember this video of one of our customers, Mark Doudlah, explaining why he incorporated 4010 forage peas into his rotation last year, and this year, he’s adding emmer wheat into the mix.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 1.47.19 PM

Emmer wheat is mainly used for human consumption in breads and pasta, largely due to its high fiber content. It has, however, been used in animal feed.

To get this blend off to a good start, Doudlah used Myco Seed Treat, and at early spring green up, applied Bio Humus to help anchor the nitrogen. After flag leaf, he’ll do a foliar of SP-1, Pillar 15, Dramm E, and Potassium Sulfate.

We’re looking forward to seeing how his emmer wheat yields at the end of the season. And as always would be happy to assist you in any fertility concerns you may have.

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Seminar recap

If you came out to our seminar Tuesday, Thank You!

winter seminar pic

I think we all can agree it was a great day filled with networking and learning. A huge shout-out to our outstanding speakers including Dean Craine, Jim Mitchell, Mark Egan, Dr. Rick Haney, Ken Musselman, Jerry Carlson, Anthony Suau, Kevin Kiehnau, George Kalogridis, Doug Lockwood, Jim Sattelberg, Bob Scaman, Reggie Destree, Richard Ritter, Gary McDonald, Jerry & Cindy Glaser, and Ray Roettger. Also, a huge shout-out to our vendors including Stonebridge, Mercaris, Bay Shore Sales, Guy Machinery, Organic Valley, Prairie Hybrids, Blue River Hybrids, Kennel Seed, Bio-Till, Jay McCaman, Renewable Farming, Dramm, and Bio Innovate.

Again, it’s only because of you and your willingness to learn that our 2016 winter seminar was a success. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or leave them in the comment section below.

We hope you all walked away with some new ideas for a profitable 2016!


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4 more days!

Four more days until our annual winter seminar!!

AER 2016 Winter Seminar

We are SO excited! If you’ve been following along with our seminar series, you know exactly what to expect. If not, we’re switching things up a bit this year. Learn from an outstanding speaker line-up why we believe biological farming is the future of economical, high-quality food production. Hear experts on soil health, new marketing opportunities, cover crops, new soil tests, reducing risks, and more.

The following is a complete agenda:

Our seminar, “Next Generation Farming: Yesterday’s Wisdom + Today’s Technology = Our Future,” will be held on Tuesday, January 26 at the Timber Creek Convention Center, 3300 Drew Avenue, Sandwich, Illinois 60548 from 8:30-5:00 p.m.

We will be live tweeting the event here. Join the convo #AERSeminar16.

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