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4-21-4, SP-1, WakeUP Spring update

A long-time friend of AgriEnergy Resources, Jerry Carlson of Renewable Farming LLC, is testing our 4-21-4 and SP-1, along with his WakeUP Spring, on a research plot this summer.

Note the side treated in-furrow with 4-21-4, SP-1, and WakeUP Spring has more uniformity than the control side. Notice how much more growth and foliage is on the treated side.


Due to wacky weather this spring, this plot took until May 21 to plant, but the stand is uniform and we’ll be watching for differences.

Stay tuned…

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How to get 600+ kernel ears

Another great comparison of SP-1 and Even Up corn plants next to untreated plants. Notice how there’s more foliage and uniformity as well as bigger stems on the treated set.

Corn Plant Side-by-Side Comparison

Which set can support the most 600+ kernel ears?

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AgriBoost CA shines on soybean plot

Don’t think applying a starter is worth your time and money? Check out these soybeans in Bureau Township. Notice the color change where AgriBoost CA was applied about half way in the field in 2 x 2 band with the planter, compared to the lighter side where AgriBoost CA was not applied.

Soybean AgriBoost CA

AgriBoost CA has a base of calcium nitrate with a lot of other components, including a trace mineral package. Which half do you think will perform better?

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