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If you’re anything like us here at AgriEnergy Resources you want to know who is on the other side of the screen. Especially, when it comes to social media. Well, let me preface that AgriEnergy Resources is a family-owned fertilizer company founded in 1988 by the late Dave Larson and his wife Carolyn. His mission and goal was to develop renewable farming systems and assist with their implementation for healthier soils producing balanced, high-nutrient-dense plants, resulting in healthier livestock and people. Although Dave has passed on, his vision and mission are thriving. Now owned by the Aley family of Tiffin, Ohio and Princeton, Illinois, AgriEnergy Resources continues to serve farmers, both in the United States and abroad, with fertility programs that have dramatically improved crops and soils.

Daily Dirt Editor, Katlyn Sanden

Daily Dirt Editor, Katlyn Sanden

This blog was started and is now managed by Katlyn (Rumbold) Sanden in hopes of connecting with the next generation of farmers. It serves as a quiet place where we can share what we’ve been up to, connect with past/current/future customers, and discuss the challenges and joys that go along with modern farming. Because truly, there is no better job on the planet than to work the land alongside family, watching your dreams come true.

Katlyn grew up on a diversified livestock farm in small-town Illinois. She grew up showing cattle, riding horses, baling hay, and was always active in 4-H and FFA. But as she went off to college, she had dreams of big city lights, not the beautiful starry nights she took for granted her entire life.

It wasn’t until she got out of her small, rural community and lived in Normal, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri that she realized just how disconnected the average person is from the agricultural world. Things she thought everyone did like raising cattle, driving a tractor, picking fresh produce out of the garden in the summer and making fresh apple sauce in the fall, was not so common under those city lights.

Needless to say she fell madly in love with a small-town farmer and is now married, helping run the family farm. So, as this blog is a platform to showcase what’s in the pipeline at AgriEnergy Resources, it will also be a place for Katlyn to share about her personal life as it relates to her strong agricultural roots and anything else she finds interesting such as her CrossFit addiction, paleo-friendly recipes, and cowgirl fashion.

And if you’re lucky, you may get to virtually meet some of the other masterminds at AgriEnergy Resources. Because if it wasn’t for them, Daily Dirt wouldn’t be near as juicy.

If you have a good farm story you’d like to share, connect with us on how to get featured as a guest blogger.


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