A Father’s Day Poem


Brian  & Emery at their first baseball game.

When we got married, my dad gave the sweetest father of the bride speech. It started with how excited he was when I was born and went on from there. Anyway, he laughed as he remembered showing me off at the hospital to anyone that would listen. I laughed too, but I didn’t fully understand his excitement until we became parents. And my husband did the same thing with our sweet bundle of JOY.

He was so proud. As we approach our first Father’s Day as parents, I want to first and foremost acknowledge our dads who have set the bar pretty high for my husband. You guys are always good for a listening ear, a good laugh, and a helping hand.

Now, to my husband, you’ve been rocking this whole fatherhood thing.

I thought it’d be fun for him to write down what’s going through his mind as we approach his first Father’s Day, but the only word he kept repeating was JOY.

So, filled, with JOY, I decided to write a poem to capture his first Father’s Day. At least from my perspective 😉

When You Became a Dad

Watching you become a dad
Has been more than just a fad.
It’s been exhilarating,
And overwhelming to see
How well you love
Your daughter and me.

Diaper blowouts, boogies, and a
Lack of sleep,
Got nothing on you!

For in it’s place, is a JOY so deep
That was awakened
When a special, little girl let out her first cry.

From matching shirts to tractor rides
She adores you, and you her
Especially when
Those sweet, baby blues
Gaze directly into your heart!

They say a dad is an ordinary man turned by love into a hero, an adventurer, a storyteller, and a singer. This couldn’t be more true.

Happy Father’s Day!


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