Weather Wednesday 10/5/16

Harvest has been rolling along pretty smooth these last few days. The weekend was a bit wet and drizzly, but not quite enough rain to totally stop some guys. There’s some rain in the forecast for this afternoon and tomorrow, which could slow some guys so we’ll see what happens.

Here’s a look at what our guys are seeing in the field:

Mike Wyatt: Fall weather, what can I say. Day time temps around 70, nights down to the low thirties. Tonight will get down to 32 due to a front moving through. No rainfall as of yet, it did rain to the east of us about 50 miles. The wheat emergence is spotty due to the lack of moisture. Seven day forecast is more of the same in Nebraska.

Ray Roettger: The weather in Southern Indiana is great for harvest – adequate moisture  and plenty of sunshine. Northern Indiana is wet, a lot of rainy days in a row. Better days are on the way. Harvest will soon resume.

Tom Adams: Temps have been very mild in New York. Not much rain, though that may change this weekend. We have had two light frosts, but it didn’t kill anything. A lot of 3rd & 4th cutting being put up. Corn chopping is well under way, although in some areas the corn is still quite green. Leaves are turning color. All in all we have had a real nice beginning of fall season.

Gary Campbell: Drier weather this past week has allowed harvest to get started in Wisconsin and Michigan, although rain this week may slow things down. The forecast in the Wausau area calls for low temps in the 30’s next weekend, so frost is a concern where the crop is still maturing. Growers in Northwest Ohio say the corn yields are down due to dry conditions most of the summer.

Ken Musselman: A new round of overnight rain showers in Iowa has delayed harvest again. Some areas in North Central Iowa have not dried out enough from rains last week to resume harvest. Locally (in Bureau County, Illinois), a lot of corn has been harvested and some soybeans were harvested yesterday.

Eric Johnston: Harvest is in full steam ahead mode here in North Central Illinois. A lot of corn has been picked. The weather has been decent for harvest the past week. I know some farmers who would’ve liked to have been picking beans, but they’ve been tough to get because it’s been too humid and overcast most of the time. There is a chance of rain today so we’ll see how much moisture we get.

And with that, here’s to another week of harvest.

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