Biological Farming Seminar: Field & Plant Tours

We are so excited to show off some of the most fertile fields in Bureau County, Illinois in just EIGHT days. Eight days, my friends, is all that’s standing between you and a wonderfully, guided tour of our crop land. See our new products shine with your own eyes at our upcoming field day!

We’ll show you how we grew more productive soybean plants pictured below. The stripped plants are showing the treated set (right) produced 48% more branches and 27% more productive nodes than the untreated counterpart.

bare soybean plants cropped 2

We’ll also show you how to get more foliage, uniformity, and bigger stems on corn plants. Which set can support the most 600+ kernel ears?

Corn Plant Side-by-Side Comparison

There will be soil pits at each location with presentations on soil health and field observations made throughout the growing season.

Following the conclusion of the field tours at 5:00pm, there will be an optional tour of our plant so you can see how we do things.

Our Biological Farming Seminar & Field Day is scheduled from 9:00am-5:00pm Thursday, September 8 at Wise Guys Bar & Grill, 2205 N. Main St., Princeton, Illinois. Today is the LAST DAY to RSVP. Call 815-872-1190 or email A complimentary lunch will be provided for those with advanced registration. For more information, click here.

Tune in tomorrow as we briefly cover everything that will be on the seminar agenda!


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