Biological Farming Seminar: Impacts of Antioxidants & Polyamines in Crop Production

“I invite you to share my passion for the plant sciences. Especially the application of scientific discoveries in plant growth and development. Let new understanding challenge and refine traditional beliefs.” 


Dick Woodward is currently the Director of International at Stoller Enterprises.

That’s how Dick Woodward, of Stoller Enterprises, plans on opening his discussion on the impacts of antioxidants and polyamines in crop production at our upcoming seminar. We’ve all heard how healthful antioxidants gleaned from essential vitamins and fresh foods can help the human body ward off disease, but are you familiar with the role antioxidants play in plant health?

Through proper management of antioxidants and polyamines (plant growth regulators), Woodward believes one can improve overall plant health by decreasing stress, diseases, and pests. He will explain how polyamines can act as chelating agents to help mitigate the impact of plant stress on overall growth.

Dick Woodward has more than 15 years of experience with Stoller Enterprises, serving in research and development, regulatory compliance, sales, technical training, and technology transfer. His academic training [Bachelor’s {Millersville}, Master’s (USF) and PhD (PSU)] focused on the plant sciences of Physiology, Agronomy, Microbiology, and Plant Pathology in both temperate and tropical climates.

Our Biological Farming Seminar & Field Day will take place from 9:00am-5:00pm Thursday, September 8 at Wise Guys Bar & Grill, 2205 N. Main St., Princeton, Illinois. Reserve your spot by calling 815-872-1190 or emailing A complimentary lunch will be provided for those that RSVP by August 31st. For more information, click here.

Tune in tomorrow to hear what one crop consultant looks for in order to obtain higher yields, no matter the crop!

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