SP-1 & organic starter: a powerful duo

The combination of SP-1 and an organic starter is proving to be powerful in corn, yet again. While on a field visit in Central Wisconsin in mid-August, one of our sales agronomists made the following observations.

Gary's roots edited


The combination of SP-1 and the organic starter, which includes Dramm EK-Sulfate, and micronutrients, was applied at planting. Note, the treated set has a larger root system as compared to the untreated plants. Treated plants also had more mature ears that are filled out through the tip.

Gary's corn edited


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One thought on “SP-1 & organic starter: a powerful duo

  1. John Daniel Schlabach

    What was the organic starter? PKT Blend 16 or another blend? I have observed the same thing with 2 gal. SP-1 and 5 gal. PKT Blend 16.

    John Daniel Schlabach

    Sent from my iPad



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