SP-1 shines on another plot

SP-1 shines again. This time on an organic corn plot in Eastern Wisconsin. Three different programs were used. The far right plant was treated with our SP-1, Dramm O, Potassium Sulfate Solution (also referred to as K-Sulfate), Zinc L, and Manganese L, while the far left was treated in-furrow with another organic product and the center plant was our control.

Note how much soil clings to the far right plant’s root system as compared to the others.

organic corn edited

We like to see soil clinging to the roots, demonstrating an active rhizosphere, which becomes a hot bed of active soil life. We want billions of workers feeding off plant/root exudates. The plant feeds microbial life and the microbes then return the favor with many benefits to the plant:

  • Accelerated nutrient cycling
  • Nitrogen fixation
  • Many growth promoting compounds

Which root system would you rather have? An active one that extends deep into the ground gathering and utilizing essential nutrients, or a shorter root system with very little activity in the rhizosphere?




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