Weather Wednesday 7/13/16

The weather was a bit wacky last night. A mile down the road from our house it had poured and we didn’t get any rain. A few drizzles but nothing significant. It poured in the next town over, but just missed us. Maybe it’ll move in our direction as the day progresses.

Here’s a look at what the weather is doing around the corn belt this week:

Reporting from North Central Indiana, our sales agronomist Ken Musselman, says the ground is dry after a wet spring and early summer. Some areas received beneficial rain Tuesday.

Reporting from Northern Ohio, our sales agronomist Gary Campbell, says it’s getting very dry. Corn is rolling on sandy soils in the heat, and because of a wet planting season, clay soils are now turning dry and crusty. The crops need a drink! On the other hand, West Central Wisconsin and East Minnesota received up to 3 inches of rain last week with some areas having high winds causing damage to corn. The rain was needed. Overall, crops are doing well.

Reporting from Southwest Nebraska, our sales agronomist Mike Wyatt, says the weather has been very typical for this time of year – hot and dry. Day time temps are in the 90’s and low 60’s at night. They did drop down to 52 degrees Monday night, and humidity is very low.

Reporting from Southern Indiana and Southern Illinois, our sales agronomist Ray Roettger, says the weather has improved greatly. Temperatures are still relatively hot, but they received adequate moisture over the last week. New York is still on the dry side. Crop conditions in most areas have improved greatly over the last week.

Reporting from North Central Illinois, our sales agronomist Eric Johnston, says the rains just missed them yesterday. There’s been 30% less rain as compared to the last 10-year average on the ground he farms near Tiskilwa. Would be nice to get another good rain as the corn crop begins to pollinate. There is rain in the forecast for this afternoon/evening.

And with that, here’s to another week of watching your crops grow!

New to Daily Dirt? We’d love to help you weatherproof your soils. Comment below with where you’re from and we’ll get you in contact with the right person!




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