Even Up, SP-1, WakeUP dynamic trio on corn

A field visit in Cedar Falls, Iowa at an in-furrow research plot in late June yielded consistent results. We looked at 3 sets of corn plants. One being the control (far left), the second set (middle) was treated with our SP-1 and Even Up, and the third set (far right) was treated with Even Up, SP-1, and Renewable Farming LLC’s WakeUP Spring.

Ken's EvenUp SP1 WakeUP on corn

Notice the third set on the end. It was treated with Even Up, SP-1, and WakeUP Spring and has a more aggressive root system as well as a larger stalk diameter, allowing the plant to gather and utilize more water and nutrients. Associated with larger ears, larger stalks help the plant move and process nutrients efficiently.

Which set would you rather have growing on your farm?

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