Hope in healthy soil

You know how they say when you’re really stressed you’re supposed to go outside, take off your shoes, stand barefoot in the grass and just breathe? Something about re-grounding yourself. In my case, it’s a nice long run and then I’ll go barefoot. And you know what? Call me crazy, but I always feel better afterwards. Whether it’s a runner’s high or there really is something to “re-grounding” yourself, more times than not, it gets me through whatever issues I’m stressing over.

Well, according to a series of 15- and 30- second public service announcements the NRCS has distributed, there really may be something to “re-grounding” yourself. These PSA’s highlight the critical role healthy soil plays in our lives all over the country. They’re very well put together and show the solutions to many of our problems could be right beneath our feet. Check it out…could there be hope in healthy soil?

Healthy soil lays the foundation for the rest of our lives. I’ll let that sink in on this fine Earth Day.

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