New & emerging markets

At AgriEnergy Resources, we’re devoted to helping our conventional, biological, and organic farmers get the biggest bang for their buck. With traditional markets struggling right now that can be a tall task. So we’d like to point you toward some alternative markets available for specialty crops, new crops, and organic crops. These newer marketing opportunities are emerging and growing every day, and taking advantage of them could just be your ticket to that “big bang”.

We have compiled a list of buyers that our customers have worked with. Please note: this is NOT an exclusive list. If you or someone you know have another new or specialty marketing contact you’d like to add, let us know. We want to keep this list, and your bottom line, growing!

For corn and soybeans:

For small grains:

For dry beans:

For dairy:

For current organic prices, click here. To hear more about new and emerging markets, click hear to listen to the audio from our seminar.

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