Grower meetings in February

We will be talking soil health and fertility at two upcoming grower meetings in February – the ABS Winter Workshop in Ohio on February 9 and the Souhrada Custom Spraying grower meeting in Iowa on February 11.

In Arcadia, Ohio:

Join Gary Campbell at the ABS Winter Workshop from 3:30-9:15 p.m. Tuesday, February 9 at the Arcadia Lions Community Center, 301 W. Brown Road, Arcadia, Ohio. Gary will be joining one of our consultants and one of our dealers to bring you everything you need to know from nutrient management, to weed control, to cover crops. Gary will be discussing biological nutrient management and the profitability associated with our starters and foliar feeding. Our consultant, Reggie Destree of Dramm Corporation, will discuss soil health and mineral balance for weed control along with transitioning to sustainable crop production. Our dealer, Tom Besecker of Adv. Biological Solutions, will share non-GMO seed varieties for 2016 as well as successful farming with cover crops. RSVP by February 2 to Tom Besecker at 937-459-5104 or John Reinhart 419-722-0297. A meal will be provided for those with advanced registration.

In Cresco, Iowa:

Join Ken Musselman at the Souhrada Custom Spraying Grower Meeting from 10:00-3:00 p.m. Thursday, February 11 at the Heritage Event Center, 229 3rd Ave., Cresco, Iowa. Ken will join crop consultants Reggie Destree of Dramm Corporation, Gilbert Hostetler of Prairie Hybrids, and Aaron Souhrada of Souhrada Custom Spraying, to provide “take home” information on planter set-up, weed/insect/disease control, crop fertility, and soil health. They will present ideas on how to stay profitable in 2016 based off of 2015 results. RSVP by February 5 to Aaron Souhrada at 641-220-3041. A meal will be provided for those with advanced registration.

We’d love to connect with you at one or both of these meetings!

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