Seminar recap

If you came out to our seminar Tuesday, Thank You!

winter seminar pic

I think we all can agree it was a great day filled with networking and learning. A huge shout-out to our outstanding speakers including Dean Craine, Jim Mitchell, Mark Egan, Dr. Rick Haney, Ken Musselman, Jerry Carlson, Anthony Suau, Kevin Kiehnau, George Kalogridis, Doug Lockwood, Jim Sattelberg, Bob Scaman, Reggie Destree, Richard Ritter, Gary McDonald, Jerry & Cindy Glaser, and Ray Roettger. Also, a huge shout-out to our vendors including Stonebridge, Mercaris, Bay Shore Sales, Guy Machinery, Organic Valley, Prairie Hybrids, Blue River Hybrids, Kennel Seed, Bio-Till, Jay McCaman, Renewable Farming, Dramm, and Bio Innovate.

Again, it’s only because of you and your willingness to learn that our 2016 winter seminar was a success. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or leave them in the comment section below.

We hope you all walked away with some new ideas for a profitable 2016!


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