My 28-Year Biological Farming Journey

2016 winter seminarWhen I first came to AgriEnergy Resources, I noticed something different than any other place I’ve ever worked. I noticed their team work, their love for the land. I was in awe as I sat back listening to each of the agronomists talk about the land and how they were going to help each individual customer. I was even more in awe when I learned how many different soils they’re working with from Colorado to New York. It takes skill to be able to come up with fertility programs to address specific needs of each soil type and customer. As I watched them interact with a few customers, their eyes would light up. As I dove even deeper into this biological journey, I realized how they not only care for soil health, but our health as well. It was then I knew I was right where I needed to be; helping promote biological farming and giving hope to those who feel they’re at a dead end. For if it wasn’t for the seed our founder, Dave Larson, planted 28+ years ago, I’m not sure I’d be here, or for that matter, get the opportunity to hear Jim Mitchell speak at our upcoming seminar Next Generation Farming: Yesterday’s Wisdom + Today’s Technology = Our Future.

Jim Mitchell was one of AgriEnergy’s first customers, and has graciously accepted our invitation to share his biological farming journey with us. Jim and his wife, Shirley, farm over 1500 acres of non-GMO corn and soybeans near Eaton, Ohio. He began his biological farming journey in the 1980’s and has been a grower and distributor with us ever since. He will share with us his successes and some growing pains he’s encountered along the way. We’ll learn his keys to consistently high yields while holding down NPK fertilizer input costs. Learn how success next season can begin with last year’s residue breakdown and learn why Jim believes in biological farming.

Our seminar will be held from 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, January 26 at the Timber Creek Convention Center, 3300 Drew Avenue, Sandwich, Illinois 60548. A block of rooms have been reserved at the Timber Creek Inn & Suites (attached to the convention center) 630-273-6000. Please note, there is no charge to attend this seminar, but reservations are needed by January 18. Please RSVP to AgriEnergy Resources 815-872-1190 or

P.S. Be sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for daily seminar updates.

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