OGRAIN Seminar to kick-off January 11

Some of you may remember this post in which we introduced you to the following opportunity at the University of Wisconsin.

OGRAIN Seminar

Well we just got word on what the sessions will be and who will be presenting throughout the 3-week, 14-installment seminar. The sessions this January are as follows:

  • 11 – Introduction to Organic Grain Production: Carmen Fernholz, A-Frame Farms and University of MN
  • 12 – Marketing I: John Bobbe, OFARM
  • 13 – Marketing II: Tim Ennis, NFO
  • 14 – Organic Transition and Certification: Harriet Behar, MOSES
  • 15Soil Fertility in Organic Cropping Systems: Mark Kopecky, Organic Valley
  • 19 – Split Operations and Crop Rotations: Randy Hughes, Hughes Farms
  • 20 – Weed Control: Daryl Hinderman, Organic Valley
  • 21 – Pest Management: Bryan Jensen, UW-Madison
  • 22Field Crop Agronomy: Dr. Erin Silva, UW-Madison and farmer
  • 25 – Organic Seeds: Ben Hinueber, Albert Lea Seed
  • 26 – Systems-Based Approach to Organic Grain Production: Klaas Martens, Lakeview Organic Grains, NY
  • 27 – Farm Financials: Paul Dietmann, Badgerland Financial
  • 28 – Food-Grade Grain Production: Dr. Julie Dawson, UW-Madison
  • 29 – Grain Milling & What Producers Need to Know: Sam Raser and Bruce Roskens, Grain Millers Inc. MN

To register please send your name, address, phone number, whether you’ll be joining online or in-class, and registration fee ($50 cash or check, made out to UW-Madison) to: Anders Gurda at agurda@wisc.edu or 612-868-1208 or 1630 Linden Dr., Madison, WI 53706.

P.S. You may have to view the January 26 installment online at a later date because that’s the day of our seminar in Sandwich, Illinois and that is one event you won’t want to miss đŸ™‚

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