My first harvest as a farm wife

Well you guys, I survived my first harvest as a farm wife! Some of you may remember our dream barn wedding on September 5. You might be a farm wife if you plan your wedding date right at the end of cattle showing season and right before harvest starts! Needless to say, upon returning from our wonderful honeymoon in the Caribbean, we hit the ground running.

Harvest 2015

I wouldn’t have had it any other way. So grab that cup of coffee, sit back, and relax as I reflect on my first harvest as a farm wife.

1) Farm life. It’s nothing new to me knowing you can never really have a set plan in the middle of harvest, spring, or calving season. Regardless, as soon as the weather turned brisk, the hubs and I eagerly anticipated a late night date that included homemade chili, cornbread, and our favorite movie. Well we got the chili part, which was then followed by an hour truck ride to get parts for the combine (which conveniently broke down right after we decided we could actually watch a movie). It ended up to be the perfect date night, though, as we jammed out to our favorite love songs without a care in the world.

2) Speaking of machinery parts, I’m getting used to all the weird looks I get when I go pick up nuts, bolts, and a whole bunch of other parts that I pretend I know exactly what to do with. One of these days, I really will know what to do with them!

3) I’m pretty good at driving the combine…on auto-steer.

4) One weekend the hubs comes home to a totally made-over office. The next a totally made-over guest room. Crazy what can be accomplished when not planning a wedding. Wonder what will be next?

5) The raccoons are vicious. Seriously those suckers want to die, zigzagging all over the road and such. Bump. Splat. Game over. RIP raccoon. Car on the other hand still needs some tender loving care. As of right now the bumper is barely hanging on by 6 zip-ties.

It's these simple moments I treasure the most. Riding in  the combine on a Saturday morning. Please excuse the hair...This was after one of those runs I was talking about.

It’s these simple moments I treasure the most – combine rides post-run.

6) Speaking of raccoons…The next day the survivor (as they run in pairs in our neck of the woods) of “Bump. Splat.” jumped right into the hubs corn head. Talk about suicidal! It survived, but lost a leg. Be on the look-out for a 3-legged raccoon!

7) I’ve learned some pretty tasty recipes that are great for on-the-go. Our favorites this year have been spaghetti squash and banana-chocolate chip muffins.

8) My runs are so much more enjoyable when I can run to the field, hop in the combine with my cute farmer, and then run home.

9) If we’re being honest, I took complete advantage of my down time to actually process all that’s happened – marriage, name change, and of course turning HIS “bachelor pad” into OUR home.

10) Last but not least, I’ve taken great pride in the work my husband does. One day I asked him, “If money and time were not a factor, what would you be doing right now?” He replied, “Combining corn. I love combining corn!”

And I love this little life we’re building together.

Here’s to many more safe and bountiful harvests!

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2 thoughts on “My first harvest as a farm wife

  1. Jolene

    Awwww I would so love to be a farm wife someday. It sounds like such a great life compared to being a city girl!!


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