Uncle Si the Scarecrow

You guys! We built another scarecrow again! Meet Uncle Si, the one, the only, the AgriEnergy Scarecrow!

Posing with Uncle Si, the AER Scarecrow.

Posing with Uncle Si, the AER Scarecrow.

Every year, our town hosts a Scarecrow Festival and every year we put our heads together to come up with something great! Last year we created a farmer who didn’t win the contest but ended up welcoming all our guests up our lane. We called that a win in our book! Seriously he stood proudly at the end of our lane until the snow blew.

This year we decided on a Duck Fertilizer Dynasty theme. From the camo, to the tea cup, to the glasses made out of wire, this is our best crow yet!

Hop on over to the Princeton Chamber of Commerce Facebook page and give our big man a “like” and a comment. Be sure to “like” the chamber’s page as well. Maybe this’ll be our year to win the whole contest!

P.S. Tomorrow we will share some behind the scenes photos. Stay tuned!

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