Learn more about milk, grain & forage production 9/1-9/2

Organic Valley is looking to encourage more organic milk, grain, and forage production over the next several years. We are looking to help Organic Valley with stellar fertilizer programs for these organic operations.

If you have any interest at all, why not learn from some of the best, including members of Organic Valley who have been producing organic milk on their farm for years?

Learn more about organic milk, grain, and forages at upcoming seminars.

Learn more about organic milk, grain, and forages at upcoming seminars.

On Tuesday, September 1 from 10am-4pm the Jacob A. Yoder family will be hosting field tours at their farm, 2165 CR 70, Sugarcreek, Ohio, about 3 miles south of Walnut Creek and on Wednesday, September 2 from 10am-4pm the Craig Stoller family will be hosting tours at their farm, 14665 Mt. Eaton Road, Rittman, Ohio, about 3 miles east of Rittman.

In addition to organic milk, both families grow corn, oats, alfalfa, sorghum sudan, and pasture. They each have a large organic corn plot with entries from Doeblers Hybrids, Blue River Hybrids, Masters Choice, and American Organics that was planted in late May and is looking good. They will share how they manage their cows, pastures, crops, and rotations. We will be sharing about biological products, fertilizer programs for organic farms, transitioning to organic, and weed control.

Other speakers include Bryan Blausey of Doeblers Hybrids, Greg Cox of Blue River Hybrids, a representative from Masters Choice Hybrids, Kevin Fowler of Fowler Seed Marketing, Gary Campbell of AgriEnergy Resources, Reggie Destree of AgriEnergy Resources and Dramm Corporation, Don Grimes of DKG Seeds, and Mike Kline of Organic Valley.

If you plan on attending, please RSVP to John Daniel Schlabach 330-683-7321 or 330-465-1794 by Wednesday, August 26.

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