Hatzenbichler products taking organics by storm

Today’s organic farmers operate some of the most high tech machines seen in the industry. Technology that includes GPS RTK guided planters and cultivators, rotary hoes, sophisticated spray rigs, and tine weeders. Seriously, check out this video of the tine weeder that the Hatzenbichler company put together.

See this product and other state-of-the art equipment up close during the Doudlah Farms/Dramm Corporation/AgriEnergy Resources Organic Field Day 10am-3pm Tuesday, August 11 at Cooksville Community Center, 11204 N. Church Street, Evansville, Wisconsin.

Mark Doudlah, of Doudlah Farms, will be demonstrating his very own Hatzenbichler tine weeder in dry beans (weather permitting) and Matt Sattelberg, of Bay Shore Sales, will discuss weed control and dry bean harvesting. Bay Shore Sales, located in Michigan, carries a full line of Hatzenbichler products.

Sattelberg will also be at the Matt and James Beran/Souhrada Custom Spraying & Ag Products/Dramm Corporation/AgriEnergy Resources Organic Field Day Tuesday, August 4 10am-3pm at Beran Bros. Farm, 10083 110th Street, Lime Springs, Iowa. Please RSVP for both field days by calling AgriEnergy Resources 815-872-1190.

For more information about our upcoming field days, click here.

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