Dry edible beans to be discussed at field day

What exactly does it take to grow dry edible beans? Mark Doudlah, of Doudlah Farms in Wisconsin, is figuring it out. He says the GPS RTK guided 15-inch row has been a huge asset to his operation, as well as some of our products.

After this video was taken, Mark sent a picture of the same field 3 weeks later.


Crazy what a few weeks can do and little rain!

Other crops to be discussed during the field day are Doudlah’s organic tilled crops (field corn, dry edible beans) and organic no-till crops (field corn, crimped over rye and vetch). All these crops follow a fall seeding of hairy vetch, clover, and rye.

Transitional crops to be discussed include no-till (clear hilum soybeans crimped over rye), interseeded (clear hilum soybeans interceded in standing rye, Manitoba 4010 peas interceded in standing rye), and cover crops harvested for seed (Aroostook Rye, Purple Bounty Hairy Vetch, Common Rye, and Common Hairy Vetch).

Learn more at the Doudlah Farms/Dramm Corporation/AgriEnergy Resources Organic Field Day 10am-3pm Tuesday, August 11 at Cooksville Community Center, 11204 N. Church Street. Please RSVP by calling AgriEnergy Resources (815) 872-1190 no later than August 3.

For a full itinerary, click here.

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