The world’s tallest cow…

Because we work with dairies all over the country, we enjoyed following Blosom’s journey towards becoming the world’s tallest cow. Beyond that, this Holstein cow was a friend to many.

While we had this exciting post about Blosom to kick off dairy month, we were all quite saddened when we heard she went on to “graze in a more glorious pasture” on May 26. She was 13 and died of a nasty fall that damaged a ligament in her back leg.

So, instead we thought we’d remember her life with these fun facts about America’s favorite Holstein cow:

  • Blosom was named the world’s tallest cow by Guinness World Records Book last October and will appear in the 2016 edition.
  • She measured in at a towering 6 feet 4 inches – a whole foot taller than the average Holstein cow!
  • She lived on a farm just north of us in Orangeville, Illinois with her owner and best friend Pat Hanson.
  • Aside from holding a Guinness World Record, Blosom also was the Greeter and Ambassador to Memory Lane Crafting Retreat, a place for crafters who loved to quilt, scrapbook, and knit among other things. She greeted everyone to the farm.
  • A crafter who regularly visited Memory Lane started a memorial fund in hopes to print a life-size photo of the beloved cow so she can continue greeting visitors at the retreat.
  • She loved fashion. Many pictures have surfaced of her wearing so many fun hats. It appears she may have been a Chicago Cubs fan.
  • Blosom was 13-years-old when she had a serious fall damaging a ligament in her back leg. She wasn’t expected to ever be able to stand again so Pat came to the heart-wrenching decision to ease her pain and send her to a better place.
  • She will forever be remembered as “Officially Amazing” as stated on her Guinness World Record.
Photo credit: Blosom's Fan Page.

Photo credit: Blosom’s Fan Page.

Ever since Blosom was 8-weeks-old, Pat knew she was a special animal. Rest in peace Blosom. You will surely be missed!

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