When to Start Plant Tissue Analysis

Now is the time to start thinking about plant tissue analysis. For some, it may feel like a waste of time, but if done properly, could result in increased yields FOR YEARS.

Instead of doing one plant tissue analysis, we recommend being consistent – doing an analysis in the same field for several weeks. That way, you’ll get a complete picture of what your fields may be lacking.

If you’re unsure of what a proper plant tissue analysis looks like, the video below offers some great reminders.

We agree with them. Take samples from a good spot and an underperforming spot. Avoid stunted plants. By the end of the season a trend will likely emerge. You’ll have invaluable information on how to best invest your fertilizer dollar in the right places.

As the information is assembled you may have the option of side dressing or foliar feeding. The whole season’s effort will help us build a better program for you in 2016.

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2 thoughts on “When to Start Plant Tissue Analysis

  1. Musselman, Ken

    That looks like a Groundwork article.


  2. Is that your way of volunteering??


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