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Katlyn Rumbold We’re more than half way through planting season here in north-central Illinois and the corn is finally starting to pop up. Watching the little seedlings emerge ignites a certain level of excitement within me signifying a brand new beginning. A new season. With that said, most of the farmers around here are finishing up with corn and starting beans. So far, it’s been a pretty smooth season, despite some heavy rains and cool temperatures.



Not from north-central Illinois? Here’s a peek at what’s going on to the north and south of us:

Marlow NashReporting from Southeast North Dakota, Marlow Nash says it’s been many years since they’ve seen this much early season planting progress. He said some guys even had some soybeans planted by May 1. There’s an old saying in his parts that goes “plant in the dust and the bins will bust.” While he doesn’t want any busted bins, Nash has been blessed with good rains and is praying for good crops.



Josh BoanReporting from Florida, Josh Boan says the corn is up and out of the ground in north Florida and Georgia. He said peanut and cotton planting is well underway and early beans are also being planted. The weather is warming and the southeast is drying out.




How’s your planting season going? Is the weather cooperating in your neck of the woods? Send your updates to Katlyn at krumbold@agrienergy.net so we can share right here!

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