Control the Controllable

The weather extremes we’ve been experiencing locally in north-central Illinois got us thinking that we’re all bound to experience some poor growing conditions during the year.

Here are a few tips to help protect and enhance germinating/emerging seedlings in the weeks to come:

The corn in our area is starting to pop out of the ground.

The corn in our area is starting to pop out of the ground.

Seed Treatment – The organisms in our Myco Seed Treat® create a biologically friendly environment around the seed, increasing the odds of early germination. Made with beneficial bacteria, this dry seed treatment can be used on all seeds. It is a planter box treatment, so at this point in the season, could be helpful in re-plant situations.

Early Foliars – Early foliars can play a role in crop health by providing nutrients to keep plants healthy. Sprayed during the two-leaf stage, WakeUP Spring accelerates leaf sugar flow to young roots, stimulating early root growth. It contains tiny colloids which increase the mobility of natural sugars and foliar-applied solutions.

Pests/Diseases – To stimulate plants’ immune response systems and help them fight off pests and diseases, use Regalia or Procidic. Then come back at row closure with EF400 and use Ecotec and Neem to keep aphids and ear worms under control. Where army worms have caused problems, stock up on Javelin and DiPel.

Remember cool, saturated, anaerobic soil conditions can lead to disease and pest damage to the germinating/emerging seedling, and while the products listed don’t protect against all diseases and pests, it is certainly good to be proactive – control the controllable!

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