Some Useful Farm Apps

Want to be more efficient this spring? We’ve found the following apps to be extremely helpful and real time-savers.

  • Calibrate My Sprayer – This app was created to aid in the proper calibration of spraying equipment. Improperly calibrated spraying equipment may cause Calibrate My Sprayereither too little or too much fertilizer or pesticide to be applied. With this free app, simply select the type of spray you want to calibrate (broadcast or banded), insert values in each input box, select what you want the app to calculate (volume/area or catch/nozzle), and tap ‘Calculate’. Each input’s units can be customized by tapping the units. Sprayers can be saved with user-defined names. It can be downloaded on the iPhone here and Android here.
  • TeeJet Technologies (Spray Select) – This free app allows you to TeeJet Technologies (Spray Select)quickly and easily choose the proper tip or nozzle for your application. Just enter speed, spacing and your target rate, select your drop size category, and you have a list of tips that will work for your application. It can be downloaded on the iPhone here and Android here.


What about you? Do you already use these apps? We hope you find these as beneficial as we have.

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