Safety is on the Mind

Spring has officially sprung. While it is an exciting time filled with activity, it also is a time when tensions run high and we often unleash our fury on the ones who least deserve it. But once we find our planting rhythm, all is well again.

However, it’s often in these moments between tension and fury that stupid, sometimes fatal, accidents happen. Aside from the typical farm safety messages we hear every spring and fall, here are a few more that could make all the difference.

    The same is also true for the good 'ol trusty farm dog. As much as we enjoy their company in the tractor, it is important to be cautious.

    The same is also true for the good ‘ol trusty farm dog. As much as we enjoy their company in the tractor, it is important to be cautious.

  • Children – Children are a wonderful gift, but let’s be honest. They can get into anything, anywhere in 0.23 seconds. Maybe less. But who doesn’t enjoy having a little co-pilot along for the ride? Remember to be extra cautious when moving equipment and/or using chemicals around the little tykes because they are our future. Our fate is in their small hands.
  • Technology – Technology has transformed the way we farm. It’s made it so much easier to communicate with your team, share ideas, glean information, and essentially, farm. It’s also one text message, ring, snap, click away from a fatal accident, also called distracted farming. With today’s automated equipment, it can be human nature to get one more text message sent before looking up. In the time, it takes to hit the send button, things could go dangerously wrong. Be sure to take the time to listen for potential mechanical problems and watch for traffic while moving fields. Also, remember to keep your devices fully charged.
  • Extra Caution – This is especially important if working alone. Don’t over do it. Always have a way to call for help if you feel yourself not totally with it. Also, it’s okay to adjust bits and pieces of the day-to-day operations. As farmers age, the step in and out of the tractor may feel a little higher and may need to be approached differently, they may need assistance in lifting, moving, tightening/loosening something they’ve been able to handle by themselves, as to not pull a muscle or strain a joint.

On a brighter note, it’s quite the feeling getting out there and planting next year’s crops and we want to be there every step of the way. Starting now until the very last seed is planted for 2015, we want to see your progress. Send us pictures of your favorite part of the season and you will be entered into our #Plant15 mystery giveaway. Pictures can be sent to Katlyn at

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