Useful Cover Crop Chart

The USDA Agricultural Research Service has recently released a cover crop chart that we found to be pretty impressive. The information has been assembled by USDA ARS at Mandan, ND to assist producers with decisions on the use of cover crops in crop and forage production systems.

The chart, patterned after the periodic table of elements, includes information on 58 crop species and breaks out grasses from broadleaves, and groups legumes. It also separates cool and warm season crops. The chart has icons designating growth cycles (annual, biennial, perennial), relative water use (low, medium, high), and plant architecture (upright, upright-spreading, prostrate).

Cover Crop Chart

There’s even a page that explains what crop NOT to plant behind another due to antagonism. There are pictures of crops at different stages of growth with various descriptions including alternative names and salt tolerance. The information is assembled based on crop sequencing.

Click here to view the complete cover crop chart.

Overall, we found this chart to be an useful assemblage of information and we hope you will to.

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