Organic Grain Transition Seminar Scheduled 3/10

Organic Grain Transition Seminar 3/10/2015Looking to hand over the reigns to the next generation, but needing to change things up a bit? Looking for more income per acre? Do you want to hear about chemical-free farming?

Then you won’t want to miss the Organic Grain Transition Seminar we will be co-hosting with the Land Connection on March 10 in Champaign. We know that change can be scary and making the transition to organic acres can be a tough process, but we’re here to help. Some of Illinois’s largest organic grain farmers will be sharing their journey into organic cropland along with the pros and cons they’ve experienced in transitioning.

Whether it was dealing with pest problems in the field or storing organic harvests apart from conventionally grown grains, these experts will cover a variety of topics including soil fertility, cover crops, crop rotation, marketing options, organic transition, and record keeping.

In addition to a little bit from us about organic inputs and fertilizers as well as the Land Connection, Jack Erisman, Harold Wilken, and Gary McDonald will be speaking. Erisman, of Goldmine Farm in Pana, has been farming 2000+ organic acres for over 25 years; Wilken, of Janie’s Farm in Danforth, has been farming 1100 organic acres for 12 years; and McDonald is an organic conversion consultant.

Our goal is that by Tuesday evening, you will not only know how to select ideal alternative crops, but plan for soil fertility and pest management without synthetic inputs, getting the best price for your premium product.

The seminar will be held from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Tuesday, March 10 at the Champaign County Farm Bureau, 801 N. Country Fair, Champaign. The cost is $125 which includes lunch. If this is something that interests you, call the Land Connection at (217) 840-2128 to reserve your spot.

Hope to see ya there!

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