What You Don’t Know About Dry Beans

Headed to the MOSES Organic Farming Conference next week and/or considering alternative crops? Specifically, dry beans? Then you are NOT going to want to miss the Everbest Organics Inc. Grower Meeting Thursday morning.

The Sattelberg Family

The Sattelberg Family. Photo credit: everbestorganics.com

Representatives of Everbest Organics Inc. talked at our seminar last month and did an amazing job. Owned and operated by the Jim and DeAnn Sattelberg family, Everbest Organics Inc. was recognized as one of Michigan’s top 50 companies to watch last year. Along with their sons, Ben and Matt and their families, they work with farmers to grow organic and non-GMO crops that are cleaned, processed, packaged, and shipped to domestic and international markets. Currently, they are one of Chipotle’s largest suppliers of beans.

They also own and operate Bay Shore Farms and Bay Shore Sales located in Munger, Michigan. Together they have four generations of experience in the business and will be discussing the financial, marketing, production considerations, and processing needs for specialty grain and edible dry bean success. During this meeting, you will learn what a typical program looks like and what products are used to achieve the highest yields as well as how to properly complete the required paperwork for organic crops.


This meeting will be held from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Thursday, February 26 at the Days Inn of La Crosse, WI at 101 Sky Harbour Drive and should be conveniently over by the time MOSES starts at 4 p.m. Please RSVP to Renae at renae@everbestorganics.com.

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