February: Soils Support Urban Life

Have you ever seen something like this?


How about this?

Vertical Garden

Believe it or not, but vertical gardens are becoming more and more popular in large cities. There is a growing trend to revitalize vacant property in urban areas and convert it to green infrastructure or urban agricultural areas.

Urban agriculture plays a key role in two global challenges: urbanization and food security. It can provide important contributions to sustainable, resilient urban development and to the creation and maintenance of multifunctional urban landscapes.

It is for these reasons the International Year of Soils have dedicated the month of February to showing how soils support urban life. Urban soils are often intensely modified by human activity.

Did you know by 2050, the world’s population is expected to surpass 9 billion?

The benefits of urban farming are numerous. Locally grown food reduces the environmental impact in terms of fuel usage, saves on food costs, and strengthens community spirit.

In fact, the second vertical garden shown, designed by Patrick Blanc on the exterior wall of a former power station, features 15,000 plants and 250 different species. The first vertical garden shown, created by Stefano Boeri on a pair of apartment skyscrapers in Milan, features the first urban vertical forest to sustain the equivalent of 2.5 acres of forest extending towards the sky.

Even though these particular gardens are quite immaculate, it doesn’t have to be that fancy. Something as simple as filling recycled bottles with soils and herbs can provide an efficient herb garden.

Vertical Herb Garden

What are your thoughts on vertical gardens? How have you seen soil support urban life?

Join us this month as we discuss soils in urban life!

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