We're all about those roots. No bugs.

If you’re anything like me you sang that in your head to the tune of the overnight sensation of “All About that Bass.” And now you’re awkwardly chuckling to yourself, only to be brought back to reality by those weird looks you are now receiving.

Or, you are now scratching your head because you have never even heard of “All About that Bass.”

But seriously, we are all about those roots. Check out the root system on these grasses that left a few of our Kentucky customers astonished.

Myco Seed Treat Roots

They used our Myco Seed Treat (MST), which is a dry microbial package that is used as a planter box application to coat seed. It surrounds the seed with high concentrations of diverse beneficial bacteria and fungi, including Mycorrhizal fungi, thus promoting rapid microbial growth and a desirable seed zone.

These microbes work throughout the growing season to help manage the uptake of nutrients that are needed by the plant, while colonizing the emerging root system. They help support vigorous and uniform seed emergence and seedling growth due to the presence of biological carbon and its ability to absorb and hold moisture around the seed.

Perhaps it’s the diversity of microbes in MST that sets it apart from other seed inoculents?

Until next time, happy trails!

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