Farm Favorite Friday: Keep calm and nature on

Keep calm and nature on!

I am so excited to introduce you all to John Mayernak and his guard dog Maggie for this week’s edition of Farm Favorite Friday (FFF). John hails from a farm town in Iowa, but now resides in a rural community in Illinois.

He thrives on feeding the soil what it needs to remain biologically alive. His favorite aspect is watching how Mother Nature can come full circle.

From the mouth of John:

John's guard dog, Maggie.

John’s guard dog, Maggie.

“I planted a perennial crop on a part of my worst acreage of my farm in Iowa. It was abused and misused and the renter couldn’t even grow a decent corn crop on this ground. So I tried a perennial crop hoping that nature would recover on this ground and turn it into something fertile and alive. I helped a bit with dry humates and soft rock phosphate, but the first three years I fought weeds, always dry, big cracks on the surface, a place you can’t even grow a decent corn crop!

Two years ago in early spring the clover appeared. I didn’t seed it, none of my neighbors seeded it, it just appeared, nature’s first beneficial invader. As time passed, the clover took over more of the hurt ground and within two years the whole “orchard” was covered in white clover, holding water by breaking up the top soil with roots, keeping the weeds away, and generally turning the patch into a perfect example of giving nature an opportunity, she will rearrange things to be beneficial and alive.

It was so amazing to me that I had to post a guard to make sure this slice of paradise wouldn’t disappear.”

Amazing what happens when we give nature an opportunity to do what it does best – continue the circle of life.

So who wants to share their favorite part of country living next week? Remember, it can be about anything that makes the farm/ranch life unique to you.

Until next time, happy trails!

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